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A Car and Apartment!

All within a span of 3 weeks we have been able to buy a car (2006 Toyota Land Cruiser) and move into a new apartment! We are so excited and feel as if we are truly “settling in.” We are SO SO grateful for the first few months of staying in our friend’s apartment and will cherish our first five months there for years to come, but are SO excited for our new place and making it “home”. We were able to move to a very prestigious neighborhood in the south (“up”) side of Almaty, in the mountains a bit, with an incredible view and for an OUTSTANDING price! It “dropped in our laps” per se, and we feel so very blessed that God would bring it along for us right when we were trying hard to find a place. I just really had this feeling of wanting to move in to a more permanent place by Christmas and last Saturday we spent our first night here. We are still nesting and figuring out where to put all our belongings but everything will be “in its place” very soon. It is newer and modern, open floor plan (kitchen and living room) “4 rooms” (2 bedrooms, 1 office and living room), and 3 full bathrooms! We also have an incredible balcony with a view (pic I took here) We have plenty of space to host guests and parties!!! So with the car- we spent $1,500 less than our original plan from moving here so that was super helpful and there is nothing wrong with it, and even came with winter tires (first real snow came last week haha). It’s got great mileage (kilometers) and even came from the US haha. I feel very safe in a large vehicle, it has seat warmers and a DVD player for Avi to watch her “shows”. We have enough room for 7-8 people if needed and it also has 4 wheel drive for mountain and snow driving. We have a “clicker” that starts the car to warm the engine (it’s pretty common here, lol)

Life here is moving forward nicely as we head into the Christmas season!

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