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A Migraine?

For reals? A migraine? I have *thought* I have experienced a migraine in my lifetime. But no. Nothing like T.H.I.S. A bad headache does not even compare. Now what I had was an Ocular Migraine. It was so weird how it came on. I was looking at a computer screen and the lighting was being all weird on me and I “saw” things moving in the corners of my eyes. I just thought my contacts were wigging out on me lol. But no, I began to not thinking straight and Andrew was trying to have me make a decision with him on something and I just couldn’t function. I tried eating lunch and took only a few bites. I finally went to lay down, but even THAT wouldn’t help! Every direction I laid down, I felt my head would EXPLODE! I took some ibuprofen and even almost threw up a couple of times I got so nauseous. Andrew darkened the room for me, he rubbed in a couple of essential oils on my head and feet, then I laid back in this awkward lean to position and fell asleep. (I wasn’t even tired) I slept for almost TWO hours, and when I woke up I was quite groggy but it was gone, thankfully. Andrew is convinced that it was brought on by stress. Ya know, the stress of us leaving in 13 days!!!! We are nervous, excited, sad, happy, anticipating. You name it…. we are going through the emotions. So of course I don’t really have time for a migraine to knock me out of function for 4 hours in the middle of my day, but it was a reminder that I can only do so much and to take one step and one day at a time. We are slowly checking things off our lists…. It’s happening people!

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