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A Russian Lesson in Real Life!

Well the video clip is of us stumbling through a Russian lesson. 😂It is a dialogue we are reading back and forth between each other as well as translating as we go, along with our teacher, Saltanat, correcting and directing. It is about 4 1/2 minutes so you get a glimpse into our 3 hours a week of taking lessons. Plus, we have homework at home in between which we are not so diligent at. BUT, we are starting to at least understand people much better even if we don’t always remember the words to talk back haha! We practice almost daily with people and are reading it pretty well also. If you would have asked me about learning Russian a year ago, I would have said “we’ll pick it up fine once we are in lessons and living there!” Well, let me tell you- I never imagined it would be THIS hard! I feel I stumble around most days. And the grammar- don’t even get me started on the complicated grammar! But, alas, we are here and pushing (more like trudging) through and moving forward learning a new language in a new land and feel quite good about ourselves when someone understands us (even if we still talk like 3 year olds half the time!!!!) Avinelle is learning alongside us at her preschool, 2 half days and 1 full day every week. She is progressing much more quickly than us of course since her little self is in language learning mode being 2 1/2 anyways! It’s so cute watching her with her little friends and she practices her Russian or even speaking with adults that she knows don’t speak English.

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