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August is for Bees, September is for Ladybugs

WOW been a long time since I blogged!! Hopefully I can do some more regularly, we shall see 🤨

Now don’t get me wrong, we get bees all summer, but the peak season seems to be the hottest month here, which tends to be in August. I am allergic to bee stings, actually, but I am convinced the bees here in Central Asia, or at least Kazakhstan, are “less violent” because I got stung about a year ago and didn’t have to actually use my epipen and get rushed to the hospital (Ya, I’m at THAT point with my bee allergy 😝). It got a little red, puffy, and I took benedryl and all was well! I still try to stay clear as much as possible, haha.

Did you know the word for Ladybug in British English is Ladybird? Well our porch is full of these guys (like the one just chilling in the pic above) as the temperature in the air has dropped a bit the last few weeks. My girls LOVE catching ladybugs so we’re talking loads of fun on our back porch for them. They kind of freak me out when they’re flying at my head and I think it’s a beetle HA! And they will be lingering around awhile yet this autumn…

So with the summer bees and autumn ladybugs, just reminds me of this beautiful place we live in Almaty with our true 4 seasons. I’m always ready when the new season comes and they are quite timely and consistent each time. Now where are my boots and scarves?? 😉

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