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Avinelle- Our Little Artist!

I know that at every point parents are amazed by their children and think they are a genius in some form or fashion. I don’t want to be THAT parent that thinks she is well beyond her years, lol. But imagine our shock when Avi straight up drew a face (I believe the above is Andrew “Papa”) with NO prompting from us and named each face part and even drew them legibly, hah! Pretty sure they teach her how to draw at preschool, but they have sent some stuff home that I have thought “maybe they are doing this FOR her” but now I know- this little lady has talent. I mean, what 2 1/2 year old can draw a decent circle even, let alone a face? We did start giving her crayons at just 1 year old to start “writing” her thank you notes from her Birthday Party, so maybe that helped, hah. She will sit and draw for up to an hour sometimes just in her own little world. She uses crayons, colored pencils, magic markers (the kind that is clear unless on special paper), pencils and pens, and a time or two has done finger painting. Thankfully as we’ve guided her she has had seldom incidents drawing on anything other than paper or what we’ve said and listens very well to the rules! Well, I believe we have a child prodigy artist, so we, of course, will continue to allow this creativity to grow in our Little Girl in her Little World to her heart’s content. Now, I don’t have a drawing artist’s streak in me, but Andrew does, so I can see where she gets it- except hers, and he would agree, is already excelled tremendously, lol. It is so fun to see her grow and develop in personality, character, and even how she interacts (we THINK she’s an introvert!) It makes me even more excited for our next Little Princess on the way and how SHE will develop personality and talents specifically to her. Wow- God is an amazing God how each of us is so very special in our own way.

I have included the link to a short video clip below that Andrew took of her as she drew it and explained it all. I love her little concentration as she sticks out her tongue. 😛

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