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Avinelle’s Bad Dreams

About 6AM Avi woke us up screaming at the top of her lungs, running into our room. She accidentally wet herself as well (surprisingly OUT of bed 😂so clean up was easy). But as Andrew started cleaning her up she proceeded to tell him all about her bad dream and why she was crying. Apparently she had some ice cream and this boy took it from her and ate it. And this is what torments her little mind. Poor precious thing. My Mama heart breaks that she has bad dreams and there is nothing I can do about it except pray over her and with her against her fears. I remember having very real fears as a little girl and going to bed was so scary for me. As parents we can only protect our kids so much and trust God outside of our umbrella of protection. I continue to pray peace and comfort over her little mind and heart. And my heart hurts when her heart hurts. I never realized until she can articulate things how BADLY it hurts me as her Mom, and it reminds me how God hurts right along side us when we hurt. He feels what we feel. I am so thankful for a big, empathetic God who loves me so much and He can show me through my daughter a piece of HIS heart in that! ❤️

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