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Brains Like Sponges

While we were away for a week, Avinelle and Eloise stayed with different friends, we know they were hearing and speaking a lot more Russian. (Probably some Kazakh for Eloise, too!) After returning, both of them responded a lot more to us in Russian the first few days. Now of course we primarily speak English in our home, but we try to say some things here and there in Russian that we know. And when Avi mixes up her English words here and there I explain to her the Russian side of it and it helps her with the right English words to say. It just made me think how much these third culture kids of ours are able to soak up soooo much at this young age since their brains are like sponges, especially for language. Eloise is hilarious as of late, she actually repeats back to us the English word when we say things in Russian. Then Avi is really good at speaking to her friends in Russian when she is playing, and we overhear her doing it with Eloise here and there. Avi is not at the point where she can actually translate anything for us yet, but in context, she definitely understands way more than we do. It will not be long before she can be our little translator ha.

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