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Central Asian Food Series: Beshbarmark

This is not a photo of Beshbarmark (sounds like Bishparmark) from one we have eaten here, we have forgotten to take photos HAH! This national dish is very traditional to Kazakhstan (And Kyrgyzstan and a couple of other Central Asian, Turkic specific countries). It is typically made all with the same water in a very large pot, first the meat is thinly cut and boiled, then the noodles are boiled after- normally wide, thin and handmade. You serve it all on the same wide plate type platter, along with freshly cut onions. The bones and a lot of fat are included for the best taste (we haven’t had it with bones, maybe it was just cooked with the bones but not served like that). Usually you don’t start boiling any of the food until the last guest arrives so it is served hot. (Our friends waited for us once 🙈) You serve the oldest (or honored) guests first. The term “beshbarmark” means five fingers, because the nomads ate this dish with their hands. It’s very delicious and quite unlike other dishes here. But one thing is for certain, Kazakhs like their meat- and this dish has a LOT of meat! 😁

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