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Central Asian Food Series: Doner (Kebab)

Ahhhh doner. One of the cheapest, on-the-go food you can get here. There are doner shops everywhere! Andrew loves this food and it is not something I eat often myself (they put french fries INSIDE the wrap-yuck lol. Doner is kebab meat (cooked on a vertical rotisserie) put inside with fresh salad type veggies and french fries wrapped with a thin tortilla type bread and chili/ketchup/mayo type sauce. You can order it on a plate, too, without the wrap. Now this pic has a thicker pita type bread but most of them are not like that here. (sorry no pic of our own again this time 🙈) It seems Almaty, at least, has their own twist on the doner. Doner is similar to gyros (Greek wrap) or Shawarma. It’s definitely an all-in-one type of quick meal. My Mom LOVED doner when she was here, haha!

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