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Central Asian Food Series: Georgian Food

Oh. my. Goodness. Talk about one of my favorite dishes of all time! Do you see this cheesy/egg bread boat? (this is not my photo, FYI, last week when we went and ordered this dish…I umm half devoured it before I remembered to snap a pic 😂) When they serve it, they “scramble” the egg right into the cheese before your very eyes then dish out portions to each person. It’s just delicious. It’s called khachapuri. Georgian food is very interesting. While they have a lot of meat options, they have some very tasty vegetarian dishes as well. I like their food because they add nuts in here and there. Like wrapped eggplant around a walnuty/garlic mixture. (Called Badrijani Nigvzit) They also have the best ways of doing stuffed mushrooms, mostly including cheese which is my favorite hah. Their food is very much Eastern Europe meets Middle East. They tend to add more spices (not always spicy, but sometimes) than other Central Asian foods. They centrally serve lamb. We have noticed more sauce options are at the table as well. It is unique in its own but enough similarities to other Central Asian food that it kind if just fits right in here. For example, they have delicious breads and even their own flare to dumplings (each country we are learning has their own way of doing dumplings and ALL Central Asian countries know how to do bread). We frequent the Georgian food restaurants every couple months. So delicious….

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