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Central Asian Food Series: Manti

Once again, the above picture is not mine. 🙈 Most Central Asian (and any Asian for that matter) countries have their form of Manti, also known as samsa. This is definitely a national, staple dish here. It is a boiled or steamed dumpling. (Our friends baked them and called them “samsa” so maybe it’s a different form? I did mention this in my blog about New Year’s last year.) They are larger in size than say Chinese dumplings. Usually they are round. Most of the ones we have are stuffed with lots of meat, typically lamb but sometimes beef or chicken. There is pepper and sometimes they add pumpkin or squash, cabbage, potato or carrots. They really like the fatty meat. Our friends homemade manti for us last New Year’s from lamb and the dough was homemade. It usually takes a long time to make the dough, stuff the dough, and cook it. The process is lengthy so I think most people make them at home for holidays. There are various ways to eat it- with sour cream, raw onions, a form of ketchup sauce, garlic sauce, or even chili sauce. They are honestly not my favorite dish, but I do like the potato, pumpkin and squash ones. (I am not really into fatty meat- still getting used to that!) 😁

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