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Childhood Books and Stuffed Animals

While the above picture depicts some children’s books and stuffed animals, our girls have THREE TIMES this amount! We have implemented the “switching out” method where we take blankets, some toys, puzzles, coloring books, stuffed animals and books and store them away in 3 containers and swap them out weekly. This is a great method for your kids to actually play with all their things and read all their books! (Favorites are always kept out) We decided when moving to Kazakhstan that it was important for our girls to actually enjoy (and not leave behind stuffed in boxes somewhere) our favorite books and stuffed animals from each of our childhoods. (I have a very well kept set of Beatrix Potter books) Funny thing is, most of the books are from Andrew, and most of the stuffed animals and dolls are from me. 😏 I was obsessed with teddy bears all growing up even into my teen years!! While living abroad we want our kids to feel like they can still “be in touch” with a part of Mom and Dad that they never knew, but we can reminisce with them time and again as they grow up ❤️

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