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Chocolate Chip Cookies

We baked chocolate chip cookies last week! If anyone knows me well, they know I do not really bake or even cook that much- that is Andrew’s department. (And we very well knew this getting married 😉 However, baking chocolate chip cookies is something I have enjoyed doing since I was a part-time Nanny back in the day with Jocelyn and Kahrena. (They were like 2 and 4 then and now they are 19 and 17!!) They used to love baking cookies with me! Anyways, something that makes me “feel at home” and that I have a normal life is baking cookies. Now here ingredients are a bit different. Things are measured in the metric system. So buying butter and chocolate, I had to buy the chocolate bars, a big butter block and convert everything from grams to ounces/cups. Thankfully I brought my own nestle tollhouse recipe and my measuring cups from the US with me so everything else we have in bulk and I just used my TBSP’s & cups and was just fine. The butter comes in 200 gram blocks, and 200 grams of butter is just under 1 cup of butter (aka 2 sticks). For the chocolate, we bought 100 gram bars and smashed them all up to make homemade chocolate “chips (ya- um slivers??) as you can see in the pic. The vanilla came in a powder form instead of liquid. So I wasn’t sure how that would turn out but it was fine, lol. The brown sugar was the trickiest, we checked like 4 stores before we found it. You don’t want to know how much it was for a bag!!! So one evening last week, we pulled all the ingredients out and Avi and I baked chocolate chip cookies. We don’t have any type of mixer or processor yet so Avi and I hand stirred all the ingredients!!! She is the BEST mixer!!! She loves doing it even if her arm gets tired lol. Also, the oven is in Celsius not Fahrenheit so we had to make sure and convert the temp. We crossed our fingers and they turned out deliciously! A wee bit flat and browned a little quickly but they tasted wonderful. We even took them to our business training students the next day for them all to enjoy American cookies!! Yummmmm…. Baking chocolate chip cookies abroad??? CHECK!!!!

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