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Choosing Joy In The Midst

Boy what a season it has been! I have not been so regular about blogging as we were basically at home for 2 months straight, nothing too exciting there. 😝 We have had a ridiculous amount of things canceled and changed multiple times since March. I think the hardest thing has been canceling our annual summer trip to the US as well as our 10 year anniversary trip planned at a resort on an island off Spain. We were supposed to be headed to Colorado Springs at the end of this week. Of course, there are many many OTHERS who have had ruined plans of losing their job, graduation events canceled, Weddings canceled or postponed or kiddos having quarantine Birthdays with no friends present. So I get it, we are not the only ones. 😬 We have really made the best of our time staying at home and our doing our best to choose good attitudes despite ruined plans. We had fun coming up with different projects with the kids, lots of time on our balcony (Pic of us girls relaxing in our hammock on said balcony 😏) as well as more baking and cooking going on (I mean, didn’t everyone? Lol). Andrew was able to work from afar with our two staff living outside the city to tend to our Greenhouse. So we really are thankful this worked out. Being pregnant also includes my emotions being a roller coaster. Have I cried? Yes. Multiple times. Have I been angry? Frustrated? Absolutely. In a way, the last few weeks I have been grieving “what might have been”. Despite all these emotions, at the end of the day, I may be sad, but I am still choosing joy and looking at the good in everything and everyone. I challenge you to do the same. 😁

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