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Crossing the Creek

We had so much fun hiking a couple of weeks ago as a family. It was Eloise’s first trip! Avinelle is at the age now where she can actually hike a little bit. She was quite slow at times, but Papa hung back to walk alongside her and sometimes carry her. Then they got to the creek. There was a hill leading down towards it, then some stones to cross it. Here is a short clip I captured of them crossing:

The crazy thing is, I was thinking how many times we act like Avinelle. If you hear her in the video clip, Andrew asks, “want me to carry you?” And she says “no” and he holds her hand, helps direct her where to step and you can see her trepidation during this whole time, but she is so brave and had an adventurous heart to lead her on. She knew if she needed to, she could just ask her Papa to pick her up or grab her other hand, whatever is needed, if she lost her balance or started to fall. My, how a three year old can teach you things! Part of my train of thought is, who do we have in our life that is “someone” to lean on or hold our hand, or who we can speak up to if we feel like we are going to fall. For some of us it is God, parents, friends, siblings, spouse… who do you have when you need to “cross the creek?”

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