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Dreaming in Russian 😴

So last week was the first time I actually had a dream about thinking and communicating (that I remember) in Russian. It was such a funny dream about visiting other Americans for a party (in none other than our PJ’s 😂), then I left with Eloise in the stroller to pick up an online order that I made at a local magazine (shop). While there, I wanted to make my purchase in cash, but the clerk helping me, I thought, was saying he didn’t have change and I needed to buy more things to equal the amount of cash I had there. (a common problem- stores not having the right change for you, and sometimes taxi drivers, too). So in my limited Russian, I was “thinking” up the response, then trying to communicate that any of the other items I was interested in were too expensive, and I really just wanted to buy what I had ordered. In the end, apparently he had change, all was well and I bought my items and left. The above picture is my Russian books, notes and flash cards of words. I try a few days a week to practice and work on my words and make sentences. I have a teacher that comes once a week and we work for one hour together on my Russian. I’m understanding people a lot better now (Andrew understands way more than me) and I even find myself “thinking” in Russian, or on how to say things and form sentences, and practice as much as I can. So dreaming in Russian is a good sign that I am further along on my way to speaking better, right? 😜

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