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English Club

I said I would blog about this…Last fall I started a little unofficial English “conversation” club for different Moms in our apartment complex. Basically it started with the Moms I was meeting at Avi’s preschool. I wanted to get to know more people in our neighborhood, inadvertently practice Russian, but create a space for ladies to practice English. I don’t charge anything for it and the Moms with kids who aren’t in school bring their kids to play while we have tea (Chai) and snacks. (Sometimes I make American treats to share!) I try to pick different topics that we can discuss. Some ladies know more English than others, but it’s so great because everyone does share and then whether we pull out trusty old google translate or one of the Mom’s who is more fluent helps others along, we still accomplish a lot even if only talking a little hah. Usually only my faithful direct next door neighbor made it consistently for a few months there but finally I think I’ve got two ladies that will come every time. (They are in the picture above- Gaukhar on the left and Aru on the right!) And actually I think I will advertise a bit in the complex when we return from our trip to America. It sure is fun and we are having a good time… I’m loving the new friends we are making right around us, and not only am I forming new relationships and connections, they other ladies are, too! ❤️

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