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Eye Doctor AKA “Super Hero Status”

Things are fairly advanced here in Almaty so I decided to get my eyes checked as they’ve been really bugging me lately with my current prescription. They told me to prepare for a 3 hour long appointment. I went to a highly recommended Optometrist office. Thankfully they had great staff that spoke English. (my Russian isn’t that good yet 🤪) So everything looked clean and it was a busy and popular place, as well as up-to-date machines… mostly. Hah! This is the part where I felt like a super hero! See the above photo?? So instead of a machine that has an arm and they bring it in over your head to push your face up against it and where they flip around the little lenses and you are reading off the smallest line you can see and they are asking “1” or “2” is better… they put these glasses on you and physically remove the lenses and switch them out over and over again. This snapshot was me “testing out what I see” for a few min around the office before confirming my new prescription (pregnancy changes stuff!) So I decided I looked like a Superhero with these things on.. what should I be? Glasses girl? 😂 Well, the five year old little girl sitting across from me probably didn’t think I was a superhero. But THEN… I went to a back room and had my retina checked old school way, not the laser way, but they give you these eyedrops that numb your eyeball and stick on this mini telescope looking contraption and move it across your eyeball while the Dr looks through their magnifying lenses. It didn’t hurt but for sure felt strange… I kept thinking “I am cyclops” hah! Finally, the end of my superhero experience is when they put the dilating-your-pupil eye drops in not once, but twice, and those two times I had to close my eyes for 10 mean each time. THEN I became…. Daredevil!!! That’s right.. honing in on my listening skills to save the world. Oh boy, what fun and adventure it is to continually experience things out of the norm and why not be a superhero with this new “Avengers: End Game” movie just coming out?? I’m THAT cool. 😆

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