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I have touched on this one a little before talking about Birthdays and the Money post. So gift wrapping- like in the pic above I don’t think I have EVER seen tissue paper and hardly ribbons used. It’s totally fine for the gift to be seen (sometimes I tape the top together hah). I’ve rarely seen greeting cards. Stores sell them, I just haven’t seen them much accompanying a gift. (Good for me because I am not a fan of greeting cards lol) Also, leave the price tag on- you WANT them to see how much you spent. 😜 There isn’t really gift registries here (maybe for Weddings I think I heard they are starting it). I have seen gift cards starting to appear at different stores. Cash is TOTALLY king hah! It’s always good to give a gift to someone equal of value that they have given to you. OR, if you are the first, expect the same in return. Also, we have heard about the “one-uppers”… give a gift or cash, then the next go around the other person gives bigger and better. This continues I guess…none of our friends do this, though, so we haven’t had to be concerned. I think it happens a lot in families. When you go on a trip it is expected to bring a gift back for friends and family…that can be a small trinket or interesting thing from the place. Every major holiday you bring food or gifts to your family. Smaller holidays you could even bring flowers or for teacher’s day for example. Homemade things are really special. One interesting thing and something we’ve gotten used to, is it is very common to bring a small gift of chocolates or snacks or fruit when you go over to someone’s house for a meal or even just tea. (When ladies come over for English Club at my house I typically get an array of items) We are not gift people ourselves so we have had to learn (and blunder a bit) about what is culturally expected and acceptable!

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