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Good Friends and Good Fun!

So we invited our friends over to our apartment so they could see our new place! (they had asked when we’d be having a party and Kazakh style is to have a party for ANY new thing!). Now I want to boast a bit about these friends. We met all of them our first trip to Kazakhstan 3 years ago and even vacationed with a few of them in Thailand in 2015. These friends “took” Andrew and I in from the moment we first met. We have had kids together, gone through pregnancy struggles together, shared burdens and victories with one another, and prayed together. It is so cool that our kids are friends (Daria, the 2 year old girl, is Avinelle’s “best” friend here.) I have included the pictures of our fun night together where Andrew did it TRUE Kazakh style and made a BAZILLION amount of food and they all stayed until like 11:30PM even on a weeknight. (yes, it was hot in our apartment and you do see kiddos stripping lol) We are so incredibly blessed and honored to call them our close friends here in Almaty. ❤️

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