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Grimy Little Hands

This blog isn’t necessarily about living in Kazakhstan, but Mom of littles unite from any place around the world, haha ✊🏻!! So in the above picture can you see the little tiny fingerprints? This is the door to our back porch. I have a housekeeper that comes once a week to help me clean (amazing woman from Uzbekistan who also loves my kids ❤️) But this door, I could seriously clean it every day with as many times as ONE of my kids (Mostly Eloise) smears something or even just dirty hands on it. As an Enneagram 1 as well as just my perfectionist, organized, “cleanly” self… it drives me bonkers to have constant mess everywhere. But I thought about something this past week. I am thinking it more NOW that Eloise roams around, and she is my REALLY messy one (AKA- take off her clothes every time she eats kind of messy) than when Avinelle was a toddler because Avi is quite prim and proper and doesn’t like mess like her Mama. My thoughts are of how these little lives are a blessing, and it is better to enjoy them and let grimy little handprints go for a few days, or the next time the housekeeper comes because I would not be a Mom on this earth without remnants of our Little Ones around. October is pregnant and infant loss awareness month. I have blogged about this before, but briefly I’ll share that I have had 3 miscarriages myself, and I have dear loved ones who have lost infants and also had miscarriages. What atrocious things to go through. My girls are amazing. They drive me crazy sometimes, and it is difficult keeping up with them and add in raising them cross culturally, but I wouldn’t trade those grimy little hands for anything in the whole wide world. Because it means they are mine, and God ordained me to be their Mom and I am going to do my very best to be the best Mom I can and train them to me contributing members of society and not worry too much about how much mess they leave behind 😅

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