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Happy New Year!

We got to spend New Year’s with our friends at their home. This video is of Avinelle and her friend Salim dancing at 12:30AM!!! We did potluck style food and we all brought something so it wasn’t so hard on our host. Andrew made chicken stuffed with cheese/veggies/bacon and of course Fisk Family Fudge. Our friends even made a traditional New Year’s salad (pictured below) We had 5 families gathered. We ate, watched the President give his yearly speech, ate more, watched fireworks (they went all night actually 🎇), ate some more, played games, talked, and all the like until 4:00AM!!!! Haha, Avinelle didn’t even go to bed until like 1:00AM. So we stayed the night and then had a leisurely breakfast the next morning, then went to the mall and hung out some more. Avi got a quick nap in via the Ergo (oh ya, still “toddler” wearing her even at 2 1/2!! 😂) Then we went out with everyone for a nice dinner, then went back to our friend’s house for hang out (Andrew went to the sauna) and then went back home at like 10:00PM. So our first New Year’s here in Kazakhstan was quite memorable spending it with good friends!!! ❤️ Here are some more pictures that commemorates our time!

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