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Headed back to the US!

Pic of us starting out our journey in Almaty Airport. Can you believe it? It’s been just over 10 months since we (Avi and I- 9 for Andrew since he went for his Father/Son camping trip in August last year) have been in the US! We definitely feel we are “leaving home” from Almaty and going on a trip. Not just any trip- a trip filled with friends, family, the Emerge Summit, Andrew’s Father/Son Camping trip and hopefully fun and some R&R! We get to spend a whole month with some of YOU! I have some mixed emotions. I truly love our life in Almaty and of course when we get back we’ll be waiting on the arrival of our next Little Princess and I LOVE being a Mommy and having an infant around! But this trip will be quite interesting- going back to a place we once called home. We’ll be surrounded by English all the time, “back in” a place that was how we lived the majority of our lives. And I have some questions- will we have reverse culture shock? Will I be emotional about things I would usually never have been? How will Avinelle do? Will SHE have culture shock? She’s getting to the point of starting to remember things in her little life… How will this trip back to the US feel for her? I will keep you all posted on some of my ramblings the next few weeks. And if we get to see you during this visit- know what joy that will bring our hearts! ❤️

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