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How Do Birthdays Work?

(Pic of Andrew’s Bday in January where we last minute invited friends for pizza and sushi- they surprised him with a delicious cake!)

A short blog this week on experiencing birthdays with our friends and what we have learned culturally. As adults, you plan your own birthday. If that involves inviting people to your home, have a whole meal and night planned out! If you say “let’s meet somewhere”, then you are responsible to pay for everyone. Also, we have learned that gifts are a VERY big deal. Always do a gift! (mostly with our friends, we give cash towards a big gift) Unless you very directly say “no gifts” then a gift is always expected. It seems that EVERY birthday is a big deal, doesn’t matter which one or what age you are. We’ve learned that with teenagers their birthdays are considered their favorite “holiday” HAH! Also, the DAY OF your birthday is a big deal. Don’t plan anything on your birthday, some even take the day off work for your actual day. Of course these are not ALWAYS the situation, it’s just what we’ve experienced in our few short months of living here 😃

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