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How Do We Stay Warm?

Now, also in older buildings you don’t have the option to switch the units off, (Or if you do and you are on the top floor, you can’t, otherwise the other apartments below you won’t get heat) so if you get hot you have to just open windows to balance it out! (Not many local people open the windows) 😂 We actually know other foreigners that leave their windows open all winter. So two cool things about our apartment complex is 1) Our complex has its own water heating unit so it doesn’t get sent to the city one. 2) We can turn off each unit in our apartment so we have the option to climate control throughout the winter. A lot of times we don’t have to turn many on because all the apartments above, below and around us have all their units on (plus floor heating which we never use) so it keeps our apartment toasty! The only bummer thing is we still have to pay for the heat in the winter even if we don’t use it, but I don’t think anyone in the city even has that option 🤷🏼‍♀️ I have heard that the villages and outskirts of the city use coal to heat everything in the winter. So there you go- we’ll stay warm so don’t worry about us over here!!!


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