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Into the Swing of Things

I am not sticking to Mondays as well with my blog posts, or EVERY week lol. But I want to make sure what I have to share is good, and not just a rambled mess, hah.

So now that Miss Eloise has been with us for 7 weeks today (Eeek! Can’t believe she is already that old!), and my Mom is already gone as of a couple of weeks ago, Avi is back in school and I am at home a bunch. Our new “normal” is starting to look a bit more in place now. Speaking of school, we have decided to switch Avi’s school. We have a Montessori Centre in our complex so I can actually walk her to school. They are only open for half days, 3 hours a day in the mornings starting at 10:00 so we will switch her from her 2 half days and 1 full day at the other Centre to this one and Andrew will no longer need to drop her off and pick her up by certain times, and I can just do so from home. He has more freedom with driving around and setting meetings and trainings without needing to worry about getting/dropping off Avi.

Andrew is visiting our small greenhouse a lot more on a weekly basis, our manager guy left the country and so Andrew is doing more there so he is more active driving back and forth overseeing the aquaponics.

As far our language learning; that has taken a big change. We no longer have 3 lessons a week for an hour and a half each, it is not conducive with me toting a newborn (we previously met at our Teacher’s office and it wouldn’t be easy to have a lesson there with Eloise). Andrew is considering doing conversational courses with a different program and I am looking for maybe some Moms in our complex that could help me and maybe if I find an actual teacher pay them to give me legitimate lessons. Otherwise, I am practicing and working on our lessons we have already received over the last year as much as I can (at least 4 days a week for an hour or so a day) and of course we hang out with friends on a weekly basis who help us work on our Russian, too!

Speaking of our complex, I am hoping as we transition Avi to the complex school I can meet other Moms and get to know more people as we have got a better understanding and speaking of Russian. And, the playground is a great place, too! The above pic was when we went to the playground as well as getting a treat at the local “magazine” (aka shop, like a 7-11 corner mart without the gas station part)

So staying at home more gets me a bit antsy, but I understand it is the season I am in and just to be all the more intentional when I DO hang out with people. We even have cloth diapers for Eloise at home, hah, so that takes extra time and effort lol.

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