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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Within a week of moving into our new apartment we brought out our Christmas decor and even bought a (fake) Christmas tree at the big local market (Barahoka, like it’s massive and crazy!!). We really feel this is our home now, all settled in and getting ready for our favorite Holiday. Avinelle had fun decorating with us. We turned on a YouTube channel of top Christmas songs, (to which she danced interspersedly throughout the evening). Since she is obsessed with Babies right now, of course it was only fitting she was oh so careful and obsessed with Baby Jesus as we set up our Nativity Scenes. One for our living room and one for her room. (she has carried Baby Jesus around at various times of the day ever since, lol). Andrew was able to find some Christmas lights at a local hardware store so we added them as an additional touch to our tree and TV entertainment center area. And of course, we have our Advent Cross and calendar (Avi loves the calendar) to help with the true reason of the season for us and reflect on all that He has done and continues to do for us. Our favorite part and fitting ending to the evening (that we have done every year since we have been married) is put the hand-made-out-of-cardboard-and-foil-star on the top of our tree. Always reminding us of how God guides and directs us every step we take on whichever path He leads. Here are some eventful pictures of the evening, complete with some adorable Selfies Avi took. 😂

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