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It’s Fall Here!

It’s so crazy because immediately on September 1st the weather was cloudy, rainy and much chillier than the day before, it was actually a drastic drop in temp, I would say about 10° Celsius lower which is around 20° Fahrenheit lower. Avi and I had ourselves some “book time” all cozied up in her book corner (and of course I had a cup of tea) for about an hour- me reading on my Kindle and her with an array of books around her going through them. As you can see in this pic in the last couple of weeks the leaves are turning colors. And even today along the streets and sidewalks the cleaners are sweeping up leaves that are falling all around. Now fall is not my favorite season, I truly love my winters and my summers… However, it is refreshing moving from a near “fall-less” location in Colorado Springs to Almaty where we have all four seasons fully here. The crisp air is beckoning me to wear my scarf and boots and layers, it’s not quite cold enough for me yet (I have a below 50°F , which is 10° C, rule to wear my boots, otherwise I get too hot 😂). And while you see babies and toddlers in snow suits, we shall hold out for the snow or much colder temps ourselves, which my guess will be first week of December like last year, so we shall see. But until then, I will soak in this wonderful fall season and enjoy all the fall leaves as we have many here!

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