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Just some thoughts on traveling

So wearing fairly new Tom’s shoes was a TERRIBLE idea. Ya know how you buy a size smaller because they eventually stretch out? Well since my feet swell when I travel um that was not pleasant wearing them around after the first flight. I should have known! I get it, worn in Tom’s are probably fine… nope not newish ones. Lesson learned! 🙄

Why do I bring so many snacks on the plane? I mean a few is a good idea… but I brought WAAAAY too many! They feed us, DUH!

When we traveled with no kid, I actually would go to the bathroom and change into comfy PJ’s, brush teeth, wash face before “sleep time” then after I would actually go change again, put make up on, etc. Ya none of that happens anymore once you have a kid. You’re lucky to get up and pee. (And if Avi was awake EVERY single time I got up she cried, how awesome for everyone else!) I seriously commend those with MORE than one kid- you are my hero, because I feel as if one is hard enough, and as we have more kids I’m sure we will just cross that bridge when we get to it and I will feel probably the same… But still, all ya’ll with more kids and travel internationally- GOOD JOB!

Why do people think it’s okay to just give Avi candy? Seriously there is no thought to ask the PARENT? And at that point what do I do? Snatch it away from her? Our seat mate on the last plane was an elderly guy from a European country and I’m sure he means well, but thanks a lot Dude- we don’t actually let her have that much sugar. And of course she is stoked, I can’t wait until she is old enough to actually ask ME first regardless of who gives her what. But now if I were to take it away she would cry and I would be the crazy Mom who doesn’t let her daughter have candy….

And speaking of crying, thank goodness I don’t stress and get extreme anxiety anymore when Avinelle cries on the plane. Our last int’l trip to Uganda I literally freaked out, trying to get her to stop crying. There is no use when you have a baby whose ears are hurting from pressure, tired beyond measure and is royally confused because you are moving her halfway across the world. Just saying, it was a lot more pleasant for us to have the stance of doing the best we could but not wigging out at the same time!

Until next time…

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