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I know how boring right? Well, this blog IS about our life internationally and for you Americans who don’t experience this you gotta know what it is like here, let’s be honest 🤷🏼‍♀️

So, first of all, the washers here are both A) Smaller and B) Take longer than washers in the States. Thankfully a washer is something our landlord provided (most do) and while it is not a larger one (you can buy larger capacity ones) I am most definitely thankful for it and in my opinion it is a good quality washer and does a good job. Since they are small washers I definitely am using mine every day, and we are a family of only four hah!

For drying, the majority of people here use drying racks (pictured above, and yes, those are cloth diapers drying on the left) and in the summer put them out on their porches or in our case, on our balcony. (I just LOVE the smell of sun-dried sheets, I mean amIright???) In the winter, we just put them various places around the house out of the way or right next to the heater to dry stuff faster. Now, dryers are available here so honestly some day I want to get one and I will take it with us even if we move out of our apartment!!! But for now, the drying rack it is. I’ve definitely had to learn to plan ahead when it comes to having clothes ready, for reals. On a summer dry day out in direct sun our clothes can dry in like 4 hours. But on a humid or rainy day, it takes like 10 hours!! Then in the wet winter time we’ve had to wait up to almost 24 hours for stuff to be dry (like jeans and heavier items).

Lastly, ironing. Oh boy, we are not the best ironers and honestly I did not do it the first year of living here but I’ve learned how culturally important it is and it could be slightly rude if you don’t iron. (We stick to shirts and any of my dresses or skirts) I do it now but I am not a pro by any means, I should watch some YouTube videos to help me out haha! 😂

So there you have it, that’s what the clothing situation is like here! (And I see us getting rid of some clothes in the near future 🤨)

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