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Let’s Play!

So I have been finding myself, as Avinelle gets older, realizing that she needs me to play with her. I mean when babies are tiny they don’t really play at all and as they start crawling and walking they are discovering a lot as they learn on their own with different toys and definitely the “dont’s” like don’t touch that or don’t do this or that. Now at the wonderful age of two and a half, she can say SO much and actually do a whole lot more! And she is asking us to play with her. She is quite the independent little girl and likes to do a lot on her own, but I understand she needs her Mommy. And not just in the sense of fulfilling her needs of clothing, feeding her, giving her naps or putting her to bed, baths, etc- but she NEEDS time with me. Like, undivided full attention on my little precious daughter. But let me tell you- this is not easy for me to do!!! Ahhh! How many Moms (and/or Dads) feel this way??? I am a major “to do list” person and I’m constantly thinking of the next tasks at hand and it is so hard for me to just sit and BE with her. That “Let’s play” mentality and hang out with my daughter and do whatever she wants to do or even help her create with toys, stuffed animals, drawing (which I actually am not fond of drawing or coloring myself lol). For whatever reason this was SO EASY for me when I was a Nanny/Baby-sitting kiddos- I was WAY more fun!! I think general adulthood and responsibilities seem to get in the way. BUT, my little girl will not ask me to play for too many more years and I know I need to cherish these moments and years where she actually WANTS to hang out with me HAH! I don’t want my days with her now to only be filled my distracted to do’s or constant discipline, but to stop what I am doing and just BE with her and focus my full attention on her. Now…. to practice what I preach!!!!

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