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Little Differences

We are enjoying our time here so far! So happy to see people and share about our lives in Kazakhstan! Avinelle and I are ecstatic about each Target trip (3 times already for Charity 😂) and of course you can see how Andrew feels about it! 😝

Here are some bullet points of things we’ve noticed coming back to this side of the world:

  1. Andrew forgets he can take a right on red in the US. (No one has honked yet!)

  2. We all immediately take our shoes off upon entering a home or apartment, hotel room, etc. (And find it weird when others leave their shoes on)

  3. Avi doesn’t understand why the toilets here A) Are SO loud B) Automatically flush! (Poor thing it freaks her out)

  4. Speaking of toilets- she asks almost everywhere we go if the toilet paper can go in the toilet or not (common in Kazakhstan to put it in the trash)

  5. The traffic is not bad at all anywhere we’ve been so far compared to Almaty (city of 2 million people)

  6. We feel we need to have a cup of tea (or two) throughout the day or post meal or during dessert since we are so used to tea in Kazakhstan

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