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Make Up with Mommy

Almost every day for the past few months while I am putting my make up on in the morning, Avinelle wants to put her “Eem-Up” on as well. I don’t have anything separate for her (and even if I did, she wouldn’t use it). So basically I hand her my face powder brush once I am done with it that basically doesn’t have anymore make up on it, but she gets to brush it on her face and copy Mommy. This got me thinking the other day how much she copies me- and sometimes Daddy. She copies Mommy with jewelry (bracelets and necklaces), putting clips and headbands in her hair (and for her bows, I don’t wear bows lol), wearing skirts, wearing flip flops, going potty when I go potty, eat what I eat (sometimes), and drink what I drink (especially juice!). And of course she copies what we say! Like when she goes to the potty sometimes, she says “pi-acy” (privacy) and kicks us out because there have been multiple times where we have told HER that we would like privacy to shower or use the bathroom, imagine that! Hah. She also says a lot more words “copying” us and we just don’t understand her yet because she still says things in her “I’m still learning to talk and say things weirdly 2 year old voice”. Poor thing, we gotta keep working on understanding her lol. I am a person that tends to get angry quite quickly over things and lash out. Of course this is a vice of mine and I am working on it (constantly) and more times than not I lose my cool and act impatiently. Sadly Avinelle is picking up on this “trait” as well and copies me in this way. Oh boy, Lord help me, I gotta really kick it in to gear and work on this for reals! I don’t want her to copy these kinds of things. I want her to copy me having patience and keeping my cool. I want her to copy friendliness and kindness and being loving towards others. I want her to copy how to have fun, be goofy, be silly. I want her to copy Russian words and learning new things about the culture and making new friends. So with this realization, I need to work on BEING the person I want her to be, focusing on that heavily at this stage of her growth as she is really following in step with Mommy. I know this won’t last for long, but I hope that as she copies me she will pick up on the GOOD traits (and pray she doesn’t pick up on the bad!)

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