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Mommy School!

So since we have changed things up a bit in our routine, I decided it would be nice for Avi and I to work on our Russian together! So on her days off of her local preschool, we do something called “Mommy School” and I cut a blank drawing sheet out of one of her coloring books, I pick a color, then we look up the picture and the color in Russian and I write them down on her color sheets and we practice together. She does really well. I tell her that we need to try and only speak in Russian during Mommy school, we sit at the kitchen table and both practice our Russian colors and nouns (and of course Avi is still learning her colors in English so we practice that, too). We also tape up her pictures on her door as you see in the above picture so we keep saying them and practicing them all week. Now, I am far from being a teacher but this little 20 min lesson will hopefully go a long ways twice a week and help us both!

I’m also now doing an unofficial Russian lesson one hour a week with our Russian Tutor and trading my English speaking help with her for the 2nd hour. She’s willing to come to our apartment while Avi is in school on Fridays and me have to do whatever with Eloise lol. We start this week so hopefully that will go well! 🙌🏻

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