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“Napkin Ninjas”

This is something Andrew and I giggle at every time we go out to eat here. Sometimes there are cloth napkins and even so, there is usually small flimsy napkins or even tissues on every table. But once you use a napkin and set it down on the table- beware!! The servers quickly come snatch them up! Sometimes they use cute little tongs to grab them. You could seriously go through about 20 or so napkins per meal if it’s quite messy lol. Now understanding the culture makes sense why you wouldn’t “reuse” napkins. You don’t eat off the table here. Like if something fell, you just leave it. So makes sense the napkin is on the table, it is now dirty. My Mom, when she visited, would hold her napkin in her hand when she was eating so it wasn’t snatched away 😂 Anyways, just a small thing that makes us laugh, albeit it makes sense 😬😏

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