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No “Supersize”

This oatmeal is one of the most ginormous bags I have seen to be able to buy in “bulk” here. 5 kilograms is about 11 pounds. We have noticed typically when buying things in stores you can’t buy large “bulk” of just about anything. There are a couple of stores where you can buy a big box of something or a big bag like this oatmeal but usually not so much. At first it irritated me. We stop at stores probably 4-5 times a week, very European and now I am not bothered in the least 😉 But this is very much a culture of “buy that day, buy as you go”. I believe there are some factors- some of it is paycheck related, so only buy what you need for right then, some of it is freshness- things don’t have as many preservatives in it, and space- there tend to be more people living in small spaces so they isn’t room for “stockpiling”. When I buy hydrogen peroxide, I can’t get a big bottle, I have to buy a few tiny bottles hah! (I mean like 4 oz bottles) Also, I have never seen 1.5 liter bottles of mouthwash. At restaurants and fast food places, it seems to be you can buy a lot of different things, but usually smaller portions. And people love variety here! I get a little culture shock at restaurants in the States with how big portions are… I get used to smaller portions (and sharing dishes!) Just some interesting facts about portions here. 😁

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