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One of those mornings

So today was just one of those mornings. We woke up late, Avinelle got dressed in her pretty dress she picked out last night BEFORE breakfast (which she never does) and proceeded to spill juice all over it and we had to change her whole outfit which is a process as SHE picks out her outfits these days. We also had to go buy flowers for both of hers and our teachers as yesterday was “Teacher’s Day” which is a big deal here we found out and flowers are a must. We “missed” giving flowers on Friday (which the last school day preceding Teacher’s Day would be more acceptable I think?) so we were told today would still be acceptable. The plan was for Andrew to jot down to the flower shop and then hire a taxi, all with my phone since for whatever reason his sim card wasn’t working so he could still get the taxi. (We use Apps to get our taxis since our language isn’t the most fantastic yet). But that left me in the apartment with no communication with him. But the plan was for Avi and I to quickly finish getting ready and meet him down at our usual “taxi pick up” spot. So we get down there and he doesn’t come for a few minutes so I think I’ll start walking towards the flower shop. But then again, what if he hires a taxi and drives to pick us up at our usual spot? Hmmm. So I stay put. All of a sudden after yet a few MORE minutes he walks up behind us, on the phone with our taxi driver, trying to figure out where in the world he is (the App we used indicated he was in said spot that we were standing). Of course he is speaking little bits of Russian and the driver is speaking bits of English. For the love, after like 5 min of wandering around, he was in fact not far from us, parked and outside trying to find us. FINALLY, we get in the taxi and at this point, um, it is 5 min away from our Tutoring start time… UGH!! We should have already dropped Avi off by now and be around the corner from our Teacher’s office!! Well we get on the way and our taxi driver is super excited about us speaking English and kind of you know “drives slow” (we think) so he can speak longer with us. And we are really really late. And of course we are not trying to be rude so we talk with him and communicate through translator apps, but ya, our drive took longer than it should have! Traffic is always a mess here, too! So back to the flowers and why Andrew came up from BEHIND us instead of the flower shop- the said flower shop he went to was closed, so the next best option was Magnum, the supermarket across the street from us. So Andrew went there and got okay-ish flowers because we had no time to go to a different shop, so ya, that sucks we couldn’t get nicer flowers for our teachers 😦 So I was feeling sad about that. We drop Avi off at 9:15 and are able to get into our Teacher’s office by 9:25 and start our lesson by 9:30. A HALF HOUR LATE. Well, talk about frustrating in the least. We only had an hour tutor lesson and we can make up for it but I seriously dislike days like today. At the end of the day, we shrug our shoulders and things are they way they are and we move on and still look at these beautiful mountains we are surrounded by like in this pic and remember our friends and the joys of being here!

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