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Our Dishwasher Blunder 😣

This is a picture of some amazing dishwasher tablets that we use for our tiny little dishwasher in our kitchen (think half the size of American style dishwashers). So let me back up a bit to when we moved in to our apartment back in December of last year. There was a box of leftover dishwasher “detergent” (or so we thought) of this irritating chunky powder which would cause a mess every time we used it. Also, it did a TERRIBLE job of cleaning the dishes, there were spots and stuff was still dirty yuck. We had to basically prewash the dishes before putting them in. ANNOYING! So, about 2 weeks after moving in, we bought the above box of tablets and it was miraculous the difference between the powder and the tablets. Well, as time passed we used them up and we decided to be a bit more frugal and revert back to the powder instead of the pricier tablets. We thought, “let’s just get the ‘Somat’ brand like the tablets and maybe it will be better”. It was also very powder-y and not so chunky meaning easier to just pour in the spout. After a few washes we realized that the powder was JUST as bad as the old powder UGH. Well, I am so very thankful for my smart husband who then decided one night before bed to actually translate the Russian words on the powder boxes. UMMMM…YAAAAAA. Why didn’t we do that before??? These boxes of what we thought were “powder detergent” translated to “special salt.” HAH! Basically it is a protectant for the dishes against hard water and removes lime buildup, etc. After having a good laugh, it reminded us all the more to translate stuff, instead of assuming!!! Thankfully this was not a major mistake, just some dirty dishes lol. I mean they did get “cleansed” in really hot water I guess so they were kinda clean, right? Lol. We are very thankful for our dishwasher, it is the first time in our 8 years of marriage to own a dishwasher all to ourselves, albeit small, but we are glad to have it and happily using actual detergent from now on! 😂

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