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Packing Up Our Lives

Okay okay everyone, I PROMISED I would blog. So I’m starting now!

We are on the countdown for our move to Central Asia… 46 days to be exact! I’m thankful that we have lived fairly simple lives so we do not have an exuberant amount of things. But still, let me just say I am an organized detailed nerd and actually started THINKING of all of our belongings and what to start doing with them A WHOLE YEAR AGO! So this past January I started selling things. You’re thinking- “Seriously, a whole 6 months before you move?” Yes, yes I did start that early, HAH! Then I went through with a notepad and made a list of (almost) every belonging in our household and labeled what we would do with each thing. The list has a KEY to it so I can just initial next to each item instead of writing it out- I KNOW, Nerd alert lol. It’s crazy taking things down our walls that are pretty much empty and getting rid of big furniture. Also scaling down our wardrobe. I FEEL like (Andrew would probably argue otherwise) that I don’t own THAT many clothes so that hasn’t been super difficult. But as we are going through this process we are realizing there is a LOT we can live without and get rid of. I’m more sentimental and Andrew just wants his fishing pole- forget everything else lol. Avi just wants her Baby (pic below to include cuteness in this post).

But, we are DOING it people- a years long dream is coming true. Going to a new land, working on a new language and being a part of a new culture. Let’s just hope we don’t go crazy trying to pack it up and make it all happen. We just MAY get rid of even more than we think…. we shall see!!

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