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Really, truly winter

So one thing I like to talk about living here is the true seasons. And right now we are in the midst of winter. It tempted us by getting warm a few days ago, then dumped about 5 inches of snow two days ago lol. Even when it warms up, it never gets above 50ish F in the winter. The snow stays on the ground once it starts late November/early December. Then it is here until spring. Usually first couple of weeks in March we no longer see snowfall. Now, they clear the roads and sidewalks quite regularly throughout the winter and have it very methodically down when we get the bigger storms. I imagine part of that for the roads and sidewalks specifically is there is first of all so many crappy cars with bald tires and they don’t want people stuck all over the city, lol. Then for the sidewalks is there is daily thousands upon thousands of foot traffic in this city! There is always about 1-2 weeks of such extreme frigid cold it gets below 0 F even in the day time and when you step outside, it takes your breath away and I always end up coughing at first! But when spring comes around, because we’ve had 4 months of straight cold, wearing coats everyday, I am MOST DEFINITELY ready for warm weather and sunnier days. (and lots of gentle spring rain) I can say that I truly appreciate the full 4 seasons here, I was so sick of Colorado bipolar weather and almost NEVER getting a white Christmas HA!

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