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It’s been fun learning Russian (mostly challenging!), and it’s been funny having Avinelle mix her words up in English and Russian to what is I call “Runglish”. Like she says english words with the accent on the wrong place such as “bAnana”. Also, after we first got here and said the Russian word for where and what we thought was “it” and actually was go… AKA “where did it go”. She also mixes the Russian word for Cold (holodna) and English word for cold sounding like “colodna”. When Avi plays with her friends she uses English mixed in with her Russian, as if the other kids also understand some English! Sometimes we even write the wrong letter in English or Russian and mix it when spelling something. 1/3 of the Russian alphabet is English but makes a different sound. For example, “H” in Russian is the English “N”. “P” in Russian is the English “R”. “C” in Russian is also English C, but ONLY sounding like “S” and never “K”. There is only one word for much/a lot in Russian and Avinelle uses “much” interchangeably as if it also means “a lot”. “Koo-koo” is our peek-a-boo, “oora” is our “hurray/ya”, “Oi/Opa” is our uh-oh/oops. Of course this is the only beginning… I am trying to keep written record especially of our kids of what they say when they speak “Runglish” as it is super cute and really funny. 😜

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