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Same Same but Different

We went to a new Central Asian country last week- Uzbekistan! This is our 4th country in this region (including Kazakhstan). The above pic is the TV Tower in Tashkent, the capital (it is actually the 11th tallest tower in the world according to Wikipedia).This TV tower has a restaurant halfway up. (we didn’t go- maybe next visit!) We also have a TV Tower here in Almaty. This got me thinking about how there are so many similar things about this region but each country is also so different. The languages are (some) similar, almost all of them still have people that speak Russian (good for us!), and the food is very similar as well. Amazing AMAZING, I mean the BEST bread in the world! The family oriented and huge hospitality and warm culture is welcoming everywhere. Each country formed themselves right around the same time and have had the same or only a couple of presidents since the early 1990’s. Each country is still quite young in forming their laws, changing laws, and establishing who they are. It’s so fun to continue to travel and visit each of these places, meet new people and explore who they each really are!

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