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Savoring The Moments

It was probably about half way through our US trip near the end of May that it dawned on me- we only have a precious few weeks with just our First Little Love, Avinelle Lynn Fisk, before her sister makes her appearance. I have been taking small moments here and there to really pay attention to her and Andrew and I are doing our best to savor memories of this time we have with her. I don’t think as parents you realize what you are losing when you transition from one child to two children, and so on and so forth with each additional child (and of course you know what you are gaining with expectancy not to diminish that!!!). We are of course overwhelmingly excited with a new addition, and Avinelle is so happy about her Baby Sister and becoming a Big Sister. But we will lose our time with just Avinelle in our lives. How has THREE years gone by so quickly with her? It almost doesn’t seem fair and I want to put some brakes on and pause and hold for a bit. Since that realization hit so strongly, in the midst of travel and busyness, we are taking TIME, and I want her to feel as if we did everything we could to make her feel special in this time and not that it is just crazy and hectic with a new baby coming. We’ve got some good ideas from wise friends that have handled well how to make that transition especially from one to two and we will take that advise with great consideration. I think we will each try to do a special “last date” with just Avi and even another family date or two before the next addition comes and changes everything.

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