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Sooooo Fit

There is quite a few gyms here. We see runners, cyclists, and even fitness classes. I tried to join a gym but there isn’t a YMCA type place that offers childcare so that was a no go. It’s actually not terribly expensive to take fitness classes or join gyms. (for the most part) I even did a Zumba class before I found out I was pregnant with Eloise and ran into some complications and went on a no-physical-activity hiatus. Andrew did crossfit for a bit. Now he tries to play soccer (aka futbol, the world sport!) with an informal group of guys on the weekend. Another thing that is super duper cool is not long after we moved here “Almaty Bike” started installing bicycles you can rent across the city. What a great way to get around (here lots of places have a “sidewalk space” for bicycles, and if not, people ride them mostly on sidewalks and as if they are pedestrians). We have friends that are training for triathlons, too. Glad that people are doing well getting physically fit!

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