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Spring Herb Planting!

Well I may not have a green thumb, but Andrew certainly does! And we have a beautiful balcony window sill that is just PERFECT for little plants. Soooo, we decided to plant some herbs. We had Avi help, (“that be fun!” when I told her what we were going to do, adorbs! 🤣) because I am hoping she will take after Daddy in attaining a green thumb hah! She was so cute, she didn’t want to get “messy” and stick her hands in the actual dirt, lol. She did help plant the actual seeds though. It made me think about how sometimes in order to see a result we have to get messy to produce that result. Are we willing to get messy? We’ve got to water our herbs every day so they can flourish and grow, they need sunshine. We need to provide the best environment for the best harvest. Or are we like Avi, not willing to get messy? Just some thoughts to ponder…

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