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Spring Is In The Air!

Just one (of many) angles of the beautiful mountains that surround us here in Almaty. And you can see the snow melting everywhere. Of course those high peaks won’t melt for awhile and we may get another snow or two, but today I actually took my coat off outside! Today’s high was 15° Celsius! (55° F) So here is not so much like Colorado through the winter where it will get up to sometimes 18° Celsius (65° F) a day here or there and sometimes more! The winter is kind of stuck. It will get warm and sunny here and there, but there always tends to be remnants of snow somewhere. And I think since the first week of December it snowed at least once or twice a week. It was cool to have a consistent winter! I quite enjoyed it. (Although indoors here in winter tend to be stifling 😝) But wearing boots and hats and coats on a constant basis is at least the usual and you don’t have to second guess your clothing hah! I do look forward to the new flowers being planted and green coming forth… You can feel it in the air and I am for sure itching for Spring! ❤️

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