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Talking About Money (деньге)

Pronounced “Den-ge” like the fever. Isn’t the money here so beautiful, colorful and interesting??!? Almost anywhere in the world except the US has colorful money, and it is all an ugly green. 😝 It’s really funny how normal it is to ask how much things cost. This was a bit of a surprise when we first moved here and now after spending some time in the States it reminded me of how strange it feels haha! I actually talked so openly during this trip to America (we were there 11 weeks!) about how much something cost or how much our rent is, how much our car was, how much you get paid for your job, etc. In the States it’s more appropriate to NOT ask, and then if someone offers to share that info, they will. Typically it’s those only you are close with, but even then you may not share openly, lol. It is considered nosy to ask such private things. In Kazakhstan, it is not offensive, just a fact of life. Here you even leave the price tag on a gift you got for people, because you WANT them to see what you paid for something for them (then when it’s your turn to be given a gift, they either “one-up” you or buy something about the same price 😂 ). There is no such thing as “gift receipts” and I have even put receipts in the bag so my friends can exchange something (if it’s not the right size, like for their kids)

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