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The Bedding Things

So one interesting thing to note is the bedding situation. (Our bed pictured above on the left) Not terribly different than what we are used to but it seems duvets are popular here, you use the top sheet underneath and the duvet is stuffed in a sheet type cover, then there is a top blanket as well. (that seems to be pretty and decorative and not very useful) Pillows are normal to what we are used to. The one thing I have not seen very much is fitted sheets. I am sure they are a thing and they exist here (and my guess is expensive if you buy them here) but I believe it is seldom. For us we tend to mess up our sheets a lot and so we had friends visiting from the States and I bought a couple of fitted sheets for our two beds here from Amazon, boom! Problem solved. It is glorious hah! Now lots of people actually sleep on the couches or even on these Central Asian mats, known as Korpeshka in Kazakhstan, and when you have visitors you whip those out (pictured above- one folded up behind the one laying out) and voilah, a bed is available for friends. We actually have a couple rolled up a bit in Avi’s room for her “book corner” and they are quite comfy. Kids actually sleep with their parents or in their room longer than typical American style. For us, we are sticking to our American style with Avinelle being in her own room since we moved here and Eloise well on the way in her crib joining Avi’s room in a month or so. But isn’t it so fascinating how different cultures do different things? I am enjoying learning and writing about all these differences and I hope my American friends are enjoying these little interesting things and my local friends are agreeing I am representing well 😉

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