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The last time in the USA for awhile

So crazy, sitting on the plane in Houston about to leave USA until next late spring… so many mixed feelings. There have been tears saying good-bye, stress packing up our house and getting rid of stuff, and excited anticipation for our new lives we are embarking on. What an adventure! I am so excited for everyone that will follow us and “be a part” of our adventure as well! I want you all to feel as if you are right here with us… the crazy, the funny, the new, the interesting and the fascinating…. Avinelle is looking very patriotic in the pic and it is so fitting to be eating watermelon on the 4th of July lol. She will be so big and different when we come back next year, but don’t think of this as good-bye, just “see you later” and for you iPhone users out there- FACETIME us! She LOVES facetiming, it will make her feel a part of your lives still. And we can Skype or WhatsApp the non-iPhone users, but yes let’s stay in touch as we go on this new journey 😀

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