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The Little Things

We are in a whirlwind constantly of life over here- Russian language, Avi in preschool, meetings, working on prep and funding for the new greenhouse, current greenhouse happenings, stuff with friends, stuff with Church, the list goes on and on! But this morning after our language lesson Andrew and I were on our way to our friend’s coffee shop (Jumpin’ Goat aka our “office”) when we got into a conversation about the dream I had last night. It was hilarious filled with zombies and weird places and whatnots. Well for whatever reason Andrew and I both got into fits of laughter discussing funny dreams we have and it was just “a little thing” for us to stop and laugh together for a few minutes before we both went and got on our computers to focus on one task or another. Oh laughter is so good for the soul- we thoroughly enjoyed this moment together! ❤️

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